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Mono-Silicon wafer

Item No.: MSW
IC Grade Mono Silicon Wafer (SSP/DSP)
Size: 3"/4"/5"/6"/8"
Growth method:CZ
Grade:Test / Prime grade
Diameter:100±0.4mm / 125±0.5mm / 150±0.5mm
ROHz mainly focus on providing CZ monocrystalline silicon ingot and other related products, including lapped&polished wafer which can be used in integrated circuits , detector or sensor device , MEMS fabrication, opto-electronic components, and solar cells, etc. 
Running Specs:
IC Grade Mono Silicon Wafer  
Size 3"/4"/5"/6"/8"  
Growth method CZ  
Grade Test / Prime grade  
Diameter 100±0.4mm / 125±0.5mm / 150±0.5mm  
Orientation <111>/<100>  
Type N-type/P-type  
Dopant P-type:Boron  
Purity 11N(99.999999999%)  
Oxygen Content ≤18 New PPMA  
Carborn Content ≤1 New PPMA  
Resistivity ≥0.001Ω·cm                                                              
Thickness ≥200um, or according to your requirement  
Others TTV≤10um, Bow≤35um,Warp≤35um  
Particles ≥0.3um@≤10PPW  
Surface Lapped/Single Side Polished / Double Side Polished.  
MOQ 100pcs  
Package Packed in cassette,and sealed in vacuum bag,25pcs/cassette.  
Customization available